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Welcome to Awesome Art!

The arts helps to teach expression, communication and imagination through the accomplishment of creative goals working individually, or collaboratively.

The arts teach flexibility in thinking, and empower children to communicate ideas that words and numbers cannot always express.

The arts encourages confidence through multiple student responses. All student's questions are as important as their answers and there is NEVER a wrong answer in artistic expression.  

The arts teach tolerance and values EVERY student as unique individuals, through their own creative journey. 

Taking Home Art Projects: As my art students complete their various art projects, I will be keeping approx. 5-8 pieces from each class (random student work), for our "Related Arts Night," hosted in the spring. All students will be represented at the show AND they will all get to take home their artwork before the end of the school year.

Related Arts Night: Riverview's Related Arts Night is a wonderful evening of sharing the students artwork, technology capabilities, scientific findings, musical expertise and more! You will receive information that will explain our awesome evening as the time approaches. If you would like to help hang artwork for this evening please read Volunteer Opportunities below.

Volunteer Opportunities: Throughout the year, I decorate Riverview's hallways with my student's artwork. It is a great way to display their beautiful projects and for them to feel proud of their accomplishments! If you would like to help hang or take down artwork during the year OR at our Related Arts Night, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]  I am usually here after hours during the week -- Thank you!

Happy Creating!
Ms. Sylvester :-)

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